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Say Hello to Octopress

I planned to setup this new blog a while ago, but stuff got in between so it took a little longer. But here it it is. My new Octopress blog.

Posts below this one, is a few older posts I brought over from Tumblr and a couple from a Calepin blog. Calepin is also nice, but I have that one (in Swedish) most as a complement to a Mac forum.

Octopress is really nice. To get started you’ll need git, ruby (and gems) installed then with a few lines in Terminal, you’re all setup. Best of all is it’s based on markdown.

But to get going… Install or update Git and Ruby, and install latest RubyGems. Then head over to the Octopress site and follow the installs.

Basically it comes down to:

Clone Octopress where you want it on your computer:

git clone git:// octopress
cd octopress

Install bundler

gem install bundler
bundle install

Install Octopress default theme…

rake install

You’ll have to edit/configure:

  • _config.yml
  • config.rb
  • Rakefile

To start a new page or post

rake new_page["My Foo Page"]
rake new_post["My Bar Post"]

You probably want to edit a few theme files to. Add pages links to the menu bar, add things to the right column, setup Disqus etc. Personally, I have just made a few edits and cleaned out the serif fonts, removed the Google fonts, added a header background and a top shadow. The rest of it is pretty much standard/defalut.

A note on Ruby. If you are on a Mac, you already have Ruby installed. You might need to update to match the version used for Octopress (1.9.3). Also, some (most) guides talk about rvm (Ruby Version Manager) »». I don’t use rvm. This blog was setup with ruby 2.1.0 (I think) and latest gem 2.4.5.


There are a lot of nice plugins installed. In addition I found a really nice “TagCloud” here. There’s also a nice post at about “FancyZoom”, and some other customization options. Haven’t installed FancyZoom yet, but I might to later. :)

Read more about the plugins in the Octopress documentation.

Happy hacking.