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Archey :: OS X

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warning This port is old and outdated. As of November 23, 2016 “Archey :: OS X” was renamed to “Archey X”. A newer post about “Archey X” can be found here instead.

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Archey is a simple tool to display system information. As an Arch Linux user I really wanted this on OS X as well. When looking around I found a bash version for OS X (by Josh Finnie). So, I made my own version based on that one - and added a few more things. Also, displaying RAM and disk a little bit different. I have been using that one until recently.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to port the original script (by by djmelek) made in Python to OS X. Not that I usually write code in Python, or being particularly good at it, but as a “challenge” … and you know, when you really want something. smirk

So, this one come in 2 versions:

  • A Python version (
  • and a bash script (archey.bash)

I’m not going to explain a lot how to use it or something. You can find that information in the “ReadMe” on Github.

But here is a presentation of the 2 versions…

This is a (forked) ported version of the original script: Archey, by djmelek. Keeping the Arch logo, but differs a bit due to that it is OS X we’re dealing with. Also, some information is displayed in the way I made them in the bash version (archey.bash) I made.

Instead of having the RAM going: green->orange->red, here the RAM usage is split up in “used” (red) and “free” (green). The disk usage (NN%) will display in the different colors… and if set, it will warn (blink) when the disk space drops below 20%. It also displays how much is available on the disk, and what disk the mount point is.

Window Manager: I’ve added a few tiling window managers (ShiftIt, Xmonad etc…).

Packages: It will check for the number of brew packages, but also have a conditional to check if Homebrew is installed, else it will display “n/a”. Same with the bash script.



This was the first script (I made) of the two. It’s a modified version of: “archey-osx” by Josh Finnie, who made the original bash script for OS X. It differs a bit, and I made another Apple logo + added the different display of RAM and disk.

To this one I also wrote the screenshot plugin (see below), but that on can be used as a stand alone script.



archey.s is a screenshot-plugin I made xtra to use with archey.bash (integrated), but can be used as a stand alone script as well. It has a 5 second count down (5.. 4.. 3.. etc) which is useful when you need to make a screenshot but need to press a few keys at the same time, for example.

To use it with archey (bash version):

archey -s       # screenshot ... countdown from 5 sec
archey -sw      # w = window mode.

As a stand alone script: (the only option when using the Python version)

archey.s        # screenshot ... countdown from 5 sec
archey -w       # w = window mode.

There’s also an -f option to force the use of the folder defined int the script.

Well, that’s briefly how it looks and works. You’ll find more information, install instructions and usage on Github. The names .py, .bash is just to tell them apart. You’ll install them as archey, or install both and then symlink one as archey.

If you have any questions or suggestion/ideas, please leave a comment.

Hope you’ll like it…


information_source As of November 23, 2016 “Archey :: OS X” was renamed to “Archey X”.

You’ll find the script(s) on Github