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Sorry, I haven’t been able to write/post more lately. It’s been a few hectic months. But, I hop to get going again soon. Have/had a few post I planned to do, but time ran out … or other things popped up and stole my attention.

Good & Bad things

I’ve face a couple of turns I have needed to pay attention to, and also a lot of new planning in the pipe.

Good things though is I’m closing in to do my Mac/OS X to Linux switch soon. Still need some more planning because it’ll take some logistics to perform the switch.

But I’ve got my self a new (new to me) laptop. A Toshiba 17”. Waiting för a DVD->SSD converter and I need to get a bigger drive (500MB). I’ve seen a 7200rmp, 2.5” WD Black for that. And I’ll go with an SSD as the system disk.

Of course I could fix that later, but the plan is to do it properly from start - because Iälkl use this laptop as my temp main computer while fixing my Desktops. Other wise I use the laptop as a compliment to my desktop(s).

The plan is to move over to this laptop, get a Mac mini (anything my OS X 10.7.5 can run) to backup my work - and have access to old files &/or be able to run a few programs I might not be able to replace at once (Photoshop).

Then I’ll sell my MacPro and build a new desktop. I’ve seen a couple of nice chassis. Though it’s mATX or mITX depending on wich model I chose. But they can both have long graphic cards. I’ll skip that initially and use the built ion graphics to save som money first. But I’ll go with AMD all the way. Cores are more important than play games I never play anyway. Even if I would buy an Intel CPU I will go with an AMD graphic card later so, since I will use the onboard graphic to start with I’ll get it right away. :)

This also means I’ll sell my old G4 and G5. The G5 I got mainly to convert the chassi to a Linux computer, but this one I’ve found now will be better, and more “travel-friendly”. Hopefully I’ll go on a trip (later), and I’d like to bring my computers (laptop + desktop) on the flight (hand luggage).

So, if you want/need spare part, please let me know… I’ll make a better post about what models and specs, but in short - it’s a G4 450 with an CPU upgrade + a controller card to get 2 SATA disks on board. About 1.3GB RAM. The G5 is 2x1.8Ghz

Here’s a text in Swedish though - but the links to each model are in there.