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Updating SSL Cert

I have updated the SSL cert for Now using StartSSL instead…

Will have to check up more on the cert, I accidently used the blog address in CN. Not that it matters, it’s still the same to domain(s) (domain + subdomain). But I’ll need to check on how to remove a domain and redo it, if/when nescessary. Also - I didn’t find how to add my admin-mail to verify against … had to go with the std “webmaster”.

Installation is easy. The webhost I use (Oderland) have cPanel. I was hoping Let’s Encrypt would have launched as advertised (mid 2015), but it will com in a few months.

If you need a good webhost, check out that Oderland (please use my aff. link). They have anything you would like. From shared webhosting to privae or managed servers etc. Most accounts have a 2 weeks tryout.

The host is Swedish, and their website is in Swedish, but if you have any questions - drop an email to them. They accept international customers and will help you to get going. I think they have an english site (info page) on it’s way. Haven’t seen it yet though.