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#mv2linux. Almost There… Part 2

Things are moving “fast forwad”. The plan is slightly altered, to the better.

The Plan

Like I wrote in the first post, I got a laptop I’m going to use as my “main computer” while building and moving into a new desktop computer. I might have to alter that, because I’ve got hold on most parts for my new conpouter already. Yaay! Hopefully the last part will arrive before New Year. It’s actually only the Wi-fi card that’s missing. However… A few parts was sent to me that had to go back and I’ll recieve them at the same time as the Wi-fi card. Otherwise I would have it done now. I got the chassi yesterday, and I could survive without Wi-fi (cable is ‘da King).

Anyway, it feels fantastic being so close now. All I have to do now in the wait for tha last parts are to edit my install notes. Need to change/alter the notes to match what I want to do. That is, LVM on LUKS and put the keys on a USB stick. Perhaps also put the /boot partition on there as well.

I’ll use 2 disks for the system. 1 SSD and 1 SATA HDD on separate LVM’m with different partitions on each and then mounted a normal. The 2’nd SATA is used for backups, but I might skip that one. There’s a 3.5” hot swap bay in the chassi, which will make backups easier. And I will also setup a Raspberry Pi with a large USB disk, to send my backups to.

Well, first things first.