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Ruby 2.3.0 and Octopress

Upgrading to ruby-2.3.0 and make it work with Octopress. Just like last time, it will take a few xtra steps.

You can read all about the new version at the Ruby blog: Ruby 2.3.0 Released. Downloads are in the end of the post. The source files I’m usung here is: ruby-2.3.0.tar.xz. So, download the source and prepare the installation.

You can verify it against:

SIZE:   11294412 bytes
SHA1:   96e620e38af351c8da63e40cfe217ec79f912ba1
SHA256: 70125af0cfd7048e813a5eecab3676249582bfb65cfd57b868c3595f966e4097
SHA512: d893c5e6db5a0533e0da48d899c619964388852ef90e7d1b92a4363d5f189cd2dba32a009581f62b9f42a8e6027975fc3c18b64faf356f5e3ac43a8d69ec5327


mkdir ruby-2.3.0_build && cd ruby-2.3.0_build
make -j5
sudo make install

When it asks to overwrite rake, go ahead and do that.


Then upgrade/install bundler.

sudo gem install bundler

The cd to you Octopress folder and…

cd /path/to/octopress
bundle install

Version numbers

On my OS X computer…

$ which ruby
$ ruby -v
ruby 2.3.0p0 (2015-12-25 revision 53290) [x86_64-darwin11.0]

$ which bundler
$ bundler -v
Bundler version 1.11.2

$ which gem
$ gem -v

Now you can continue to blog again.

rake preview
rake new_post["Foo is in the Bar"]

Happy Hacking…