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Archey X

There’s a new version of my Archey, and I have also re-named my “Archey :: OS X” to “Archey X”. The new version is no longer an OS X-only version — it’s been updated to be X compatible with both OS X/macOS and misc GNU/Linux distributions (hence the name). At least some 3-4 versions have been tested and verified.

It’s been a “challenge”, and a lot of code have also been refactored… Hopefully to the better. I have also tested the script and run it with pylint (1.6.4). So, now it python3 only. You can still run it pith python2 by editing the shebang and remove one line in the code. There’s more info about that on Github …»

As of now (Nov 2016), the version is v0.7.0-beta. Last version of “Archey :: OS X” is v0.6.1.

If you would like to help and test to get more distributions verified, I’d really appreciate that. +1 There is an issue (here) where you can report your distribution, if not already in there.

If it’s working, but not showing your colors or distribution name …or it fails. Please, start a new Issue.



You’ll find Archey X on Github… octocat

Happy hacking…