Code, Computers & Random Junk


This (Octopress) blog is a part of my site. I’ll try to share some code and ideas, and perhaps a few rants. Most will be about computers and code/coding - just like the blog’s subtitle: “Code, computers & random junk”.

I live in Sweden and are at the moment unemployed/self employed. I do/manage a few websites, and like to poke around in my computer(s). As in always eager to learn something new. I’v been using MacOS/OS X since ≈ 1994, but over the last year or 2 I’ve decided to leave that and switch to Linux. Not abandon OS X entierly, but today I have my Mac/OS X as my main computer and OS and are using Linux (Arch and Fedora) as a compliment …and on my laptop. The switch will be the opposite - running Arch Linux as my main OS, with OS X for a few programs that might be hard to replace at the beginnning. Why? The reasons are many, but the long story in short… It’s mainly about the “iOSification”, but also since I won’t upgrade from OS X 10.7.5 … it’s also a matter of security. I’m still upto date with manual upgrades of misc software, but it starts to be time consuming. So, my New Year Resolution was to switch to Linux within this year (2015).

To contact me you can use the mail found in the first PGP key here. It’s my first name at my domain. You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub (see right column).

One place you’ll never find me at is Facebook. No way… I have never had a Facebook account, and I will not start now.

/ Eric